These handmade canes are sliceable, as shown, to make slices of peeled oranges, tomatoes, lemons, bananas, limes, oranges with peel, strawberry or kiwi. (your choice) These are wonderful for adding to drinks, (on the side or in the glass/pitcher), decorating cakes and pastries, and so much more. If you have ever made one of these canes, you know how time consuming the process is. You will love having these on hand for many future projects and scenes. 1/12 scale, these canes slice easily with any sharp blade. As these canes are all handmade, each may vary slightly from the photo but all are very well done. Each cane is approximately 2 inches in length.  Canes are already baked so they are ready to use. Note:  Strawberry cane is slightly large for 1/12 scale.

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