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Light up any fireplace with flickering LED lights with this wonderful unit. Kit contains 3 super bright flickering 1.8 mm bulbs, resistors. Bulbs are universal so they can be powered with 5 to 19 volts. System has bridge rectifier for all AC, DC or DCC use. Very Easy to use. Run on track power, wall adapter or battery. The Fire Kit is a combination of 3 LEDs: a flashing red, a flashing orange and a solid orange. The secret to the fire effect is the different flash rates giving a random effect. Battery not included. To use these lights with a 9 Volt battery, get our Strap/Switch Combo. ( A 9V battery powers these lights for about 40 hours, then you need to start with a fresh battery.) For a more permanent hook-up, you can run these lights with our regulated 12V DC wall adapter or connect these light to your own regulated adapter.

Comes with 8" wires. Available with 14" wires by special order only for nominal extra charge.

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