Please be aware that Canada Post and its workers may be in a legal strike/lockout position on July 2nd. It is not guaranteed this will happen but to be safe we suggest that you get your order in as soon as possible to ensure it is delivered to you by June 30th. 

If there is a strike/lockout we will be shipping orders via courier. Our flat-rate shipping fees will not apply and actual courier shipping fees will be charged.

Orders that are received from US customers will experience a shipping delay if this happens. I will be making scheduled trips to Port Huron, MI to mail parcels. It will be necessary to charge the actual shipping cost plus a small service charge to cover my costs of making the 3 hour round trip to the USPS office there.

If you would like more information on what is happening and why, please click on this news link:

It is our sincere hope that the strike will not happen. I will keep you informed as more information is available.