Perfect for your night stand, desktop, work bench, or notebook side lamp, the Jobar JB6921 LED Lamp gives comfortable and energy-efficient lighting. It features 24 long-lasting LEDs (stay bright for 100,000 hours) and three brightness levels to accommodate your various needs, as well as an adjustable head for position the light direction. This lamp can be powered by the included USB cable, or by four "AA" batteries (not included). And with a lightweight, foldable design, this lamp delivers reliable illumination anywhere you need it. LONG LASTING LED LED technology ensures long-lasting performance and better energy efficiency, reducing the total cost of ownership to the minimum. TOUCH POWER SWITCH Touch switch allows easy control of 30%, 50%, and 100% brightness levels and powering off. ADJUSTABLE ARM With its extendible arm, you can direct the light to the desired spot, or fold it nearly flat for easy storage and travel. Ad Size: 5" x 3" x 10.75" (extended), 5" x3" x 1.75" (folded).

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