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Decorate your dollhouse with selections from these 145 stained glass windows, all in the standard 1" to 1' dollhouse size, drawn by a well-known artist and stained glass designer. All the designs are printed on translucent paper, so once colored and mounted, they produce a beautiful stained-glass effect. You can use markers, crayons, pencils, acrylics, watercolors, tempera, or oil paints. Color one side or both sides in different colors for a rich effect. Instructions are included on the inside covers.
Most of the designs are Victorian, the most popular dollhouse style, but some Art Deco and Federal windows are also included. Many of the windows have repeat patterns, so rooms or whole houses can be matched. For tiny windows or specific needs, you can cut many of the windows in two, since most of the patterns are symmetrical. Designs for dollhouse door panels, fan lights, and transoms are also featured. 

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