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Miniature Books with Titles have blank pages inside. 7/8" h x 1/2" w Titles include: Encyclopedia U-W, Gone with the Wind, Wild West, Teddy Bears, Atlas of the World, Stamps, Black Magic, Castles, Address Book, Diary, Autographs, History, Cats, Authors - Clancy, Dickinson, Fairies, Guests, Robert Frost, Biology, Baby's First Year, The Final Problem, The Decorated Egg, Christmas Carols, World's Famous Composers, The Bells, Be My Valentine, The Royal Families, Great Works of Art, Leprechaun Lore, Annabelle Lee, Digger of the Narcissus. Please indicate top 3 title choices when ordering. We will do our best to give you one of your favourites, but, unfortunately, since the titles change all the time, we cannot make any guarantees of what titles you will receive.

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