-50,000 hours-
12 volt; DC only 

  2 bulbs per package 

    Now you can replace your old screw base bulbs with a 50,000 hour LED. This fits in the socket used by a regular (incandescent) flame tip bulb.  These flickering bulbs are made to look like candles in a fixture.

This can also be used with a 9 volt battery strap (sold separately)

     Each new LED bulb is specially made to illuminate a full 360 degrees looking very similar to the bulb it is replacing.  These LEDs work only on 12 volts DC and thus have a polarity that has to be met.  The threaded sides of the base are the negative contact and the bottom tip is your positive contact.  For a new lamp being put into your dollhouse you can simply replace all of the incandescent bulbs with one of the new LEDs.  When you connect it to the dollhouse 12 volt DC circuit you may need to reverse the two leads in order for the light to work.  If the lamp has a plug, simply reverse the direction you are plugging it into the wall outlet and the lamp will work.  For light fixtures already hardwired into your dollhouse, you have a 50/50 chance that when you replace the bulb it will simply work.  If not, you might try flopping the two wires connected to the DC power source.


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